Create Something More By Eliminating the Idea of Waste

Everything we do, we believe in creating something more and better from waste, we believe in creating something more and better from less. We are eliminating the idea of waste by building efficient, reliable, affordable and environmentally-friendly waste collection infrastructure for recycling. At TakaCycle, we help, teach and incentivize people in low-income communities to capture value from their waste and fight against the urban waste crisis in Africa’s fastest-growing cities.

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About TakaCycle
About Us

TakaCycle is a social enterprise on a mission to accelerate Africa's fastest-growing cities transition to smart and sustainable waste management. We aim to build a low-cost waste collection infrastructure for recycling waste to new products and energy by integrating circular economy concepts and digital and emerging technologies.

Using TakaCycle is the smartest way to collect, manage and learn how to recycle your waste. One tap to clean and save your environment. Payment is completely cashless and does so at a lower price. At TakaCycle, we provide efficient, reliable, affordable, novel and environmentally friendly waste collection, management and supply of raw materials to the local recycling and manufacturing industries in Africa densely populated urban neighborhoods by using pickup trucks, big data, and simple gamified Mobile App technologies. And we create something more from waste either new products or energy, internally or externally through our recycling partners. Waste to new products including animal foods, compost manure for farmers, tissue paper, stuffing for bedding materials, sturdy plastic furniture, aluminum sheets, and many others. Waste to energy can occur through several processes such as incineration, anaerobic digestion, gasification, pyrolysis, and landfill gas recoveries. Unlike other waste management platforms, we inform and reward our customers for every kg of recycled waste, which they can exchange for rewards such as cash, voucher, soft-drinks, food, household items, etc. And finally, teach them the good environmental habits of sorting and recycling their waste.

Why we do it?

With a vision of creating a waste-free, food and energy-secure Africa. We strive to make Africa fastest-growing cities like Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, a cleaner and healthier place to live by collecting waste, incentivizing and educating people on 3R waste management strategies Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste into new products and energy. By using data-driven and digital technologies, we are creating differently a low-cost waste collection infrastructure and raising general awareness on the importance of recycling for environmental sustainability and social welfare gained from a reduction in pollution and diseases such as Cholera, Malaria, etc. Our offering is to enable our customers to be green, environmentally-conscious and contribute to a good environment that will benefit people, animals, and the economy alike. By 2030, We aim to achieve environmental conservation excellence and impact SDG 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 effectively.

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Unique Selling Points

Traditional to Digital Management

Digital platform that lets Municipal households, commercials and organizations to see their pickup schedules or request a pickup on demand for bulk waste.

Pay as you go technology

People want an easy waste collection, but the high up-front cost and ineffective door to door payments get in the way. Our mobile App technology empowers them to conveniently pay as they go with their mobile money account.

Customer Incentive

For every kg of recyclable waste, Customers can make money, get rewards, up to date information's and learn good environment habits.

Quality Operation

Efficient operational processes that get things done 10x better than the incumbent and did so at a lower price and high quality in the eyes of customers.

Big Data Solution

GIS awareness and Data use to improve our customers environment and improve our service to save the environment.


People need the competition, kind of entertainment to save the environment and we give them the chance in Reward race.

Waste Collection You Can Trust

Our App features a smart waste collection model and rewards for recycling in Africa rapidly growing cities like Dar es Salaam. Instead of waiting for local trucks to collect your waste irregularly, TakaCycle gives you efficient and reliable schedule notifications to pick your households and small business waste twice a week at a lower prices. TakaCycle lets you request a pick up on demand for bulk wastes with the tap of a button. TakaCycle fantasizes and made waste collection easy, crafted by the experienced experts and tested by different veteran testers. It has the most important features to facilitate our smart waste collection model and operations.

Easy Waste Collection

Get schedule notifications to pick your households and small business waste twice a week at lower prices .Accurate Location Detector for our waste collectors to be at your location in minutes, ready to weigh and pick up your waste.

Get Rewards for Recycling

No other waste collection service collects your waste and teach you recycling habits or rewards you right? With TakaCycle, you clean your environment and get rewards as you sort your wastes for us, our collectors will reward you with coins per kg of recycled waste. It is simple and entertaining model for you and your family or your team at work!

Up to date News

Get up to date environment, waste management and recycling news, policies and relevant information’s to make Zero Waste dream become true for the sake of our environment.

Your Impact to save the environment

By using Cloud technologies our App is fast in retrieving and storing data in just one click away. We collect your data on Solid waste Collection and management to show how powerful you can bring positive impacts in the environment to make a world a better place.

DIY Recycling Academy

Learn how to do it yourself and teach yourself and your kids recycling tricks to do it at home. Let’s do this to make our homes and neighbourhoods cleaner and healthier place to live. If you want to refresh your mind or give your son and daughter a task at home, or even to be close with your family, just Clean your surrounding environment. And TakaCycle gives you Simple, clear and understandable recycling tricks to do it yourself at home and enjoy it with your family!

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Need efficient, reliable, affordable, novel and environmentally-friendly waste collection or rewards for recycling? Join TakaCycle today and see how great waste collection can be!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TakaCycle?

TakaCycle is a for profit social enteprise that promotes environmental sustainability, socio-economic development and community health by providing a smart waste collection model and rewards for recycling platform.

What is TakaCycle App?

TakaCycle App is an application that simplifies waste collection for you and give you an opportunity to capture value from your waste and fight against Urban Waste Crisis. With TakaCycle App you can get rewards for recycling, trace your data on solid waste generation and your impact to save the environment. You can get up to date environment, waste management, and recycling news. You can learn great recycling tricks and how to do it by yourself at home or offices.

How do I get TakaCycle App?

You can download TakaCycle App for free by searching TakaCycle from Google Play Store or follow the download links provided in this( website. What are you waiting for? Join TakaCycle today to save the environment.

Can I use TakaCycle App Offline?

NO, for now you need Internet Connection but in the future TakaCycle will work both Online and Offline.

What is the meaning of the word "TakaCycle"?

The name TakaCycle originates from 2 words "Taka" + "Cycle". Taka is a Tanzanian Swahili word which means waste, Cycle proposed because of circular-economy concept aimed at eliminating waste and the continually use of resources. Therefore "TakaCycle" carries a unique environmental message to accelerate Africa rapidly growing cities transition to smart and sustainable waste management by using circular-economy concepts and digital technologies.

Who is TakaCycler?

Once you download the TakaCycle App, you are officially part of TakaCycle who believe in the environmentally-concious community we are building together.

Is TakaCycle App available for iPhone?

NO, TakaCycle is currently only available on Android devices for security reasons it is recommended to download it from Google Play Store. In the future you will find it in Apple Store

Are there any service charges in using TakaCycle App?

TakaCycle App is free to use for everyone and there is affordable monthly charges for every waste pick-up and request on demand services for bulk waste which are efficient and reliable to save our environment.


Meet Our Team

Isack Amini

Relentless optimist and a visionary thinker who is passionate about environment, innovation, and technology enterpreneurship. In love with the future of Africa.

Gosso Ronald

Enjoy being challenged and engaging with projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set. Passionate about Cloud Technologies, Microservices, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Data Analysis (Big Data), Artifical Intelligence with 7 years of experience in computer technologies. God, family, and technology in order.

Joan Aggrey

Passionate learner who loves maths more than anything in the world, loves to explore mysteries, loves starting new conversations with stranger and above all my love for God surpasses all!.

Raymond Rodgers

Environmental activist and a strong believer in the ability of Environmental engineering and research for strengthening and enabling communities to save their environment.

Emmanuel Nandokha

Key Advisor

Founder and lead consultant at Transformational Consultants, Facilitator at YALI and Africa Management Initiative.

Emma Nkonoki

Key Advisor

Researcher, Consultant & Project Specialist University of Turku and Aalto University.

Daniel Kasabo

A curious and eager person to learn and develop environment based product/service that protects and conserve community environment.

Jackson Watson

An author, effective communicator and serial-entrepreneur who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organizational goals. In love with environmental engineering and emerging technologies.

Yohanes Laurent

Charismatic photographer who likes to explore his world with a mission of making a world a better place for living and saving the environment.